An Introduction to Self-Assessment
Your guide to the main aspects of the self-assessment regime.

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit

A straight forward explanation and guide of the highly complex area of Tax Credits.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

Investment in EIS companies can get you up to 58% tax relief on the investment.

Family Tax Planning

From the Arctic Systems case and Income Shifting to paying your children a wage.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)

The rules on investing tax efficiently with ISA's.

Premium Bonds

The advantages of premium bonds compared to the National Lottery.

Tax-efficient Charitable Giving

Give as you earn, gift aid and more.

Taxation of Buy to Let Properties

Factors to consider in the taxation of the ever expanding market of rental properties including overseas property.

Venture Capital Trusts

Not as advantageous as they once were but 30% tax relief still available on these investments.