General & Self Assessment

64-8 [pdf]
Authorising your agent

CWF1 [pdf]
Becoming self employed and registering for National Insurance contributions and/or tax

CA5601 [pdf]

Application to pay National Insurance by Direct Debit

CF10 [pdf]

Self-employed people with small earnings - applying for a certificate of exception

CH2 [pdf]

Child Benefit Claim

R38 [pdf]

Tax Claim

R40 [pdf]

Claim for repayment of tax deducted from savings and investments

P50 [pdf]

Claim for Income Tax repayment

R85 [pdf]

Getting your interest without tax taken off

SA1 [pdf]

Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return

SA100 [pdf]

Self Assessment Tax Return

SA101 [pdf]

Self Assessment Additional Information

SA102 [pdf]

Employment supplementary pages

SA103F [pdf]

Self-Employment (full) supplementary pages

SA103S [pdf]

Self-Employment (short) supplementary pages

SA105 [pdf]

Land and Property supplementary pages

SA303 [pdf]

Claim to reduce payments on account

P85 [pdf]

Leaving the United Kingdom

NRL1 [pdf]

Non-resident Landlords - Individuals


FBI 2 [pdf]
Authorising your agent to use PAYE Online Services (Internet)

P9D [pdf]

Expenses payments and income from which tax cannot be deducted - for employees earning less than £8500

P11D [pdf]

Expenses and benefits

P11 Deductions working sheet [pdf]

P38S [pdf]
Student employees

P46 [pdf]

PAYE – notice of new employee

P46(Car) [pdf]

Car provided for the private use of an employee or a director

P60 - Info Only [pdf]
Employee end of year certificate

SC2 [pdf]

Employee’s statement of sickness

Ltd Companies

CT41G [pdf]
Corporation tax new company details

CT600 - Full [pdf]

Company Tax Return Full

CT600 - Short [pdf]

Company Tax Return Short

Form 42 [pdf]

Employment-related securities and options

Value Added Tax

VAT1 [pdf]
Application for registration

VAT2 [pdf]

Partnership details

VAT7 [pdf]

Application to cancel your VAT Registration

VAT68 [pdf]

Transfer of a business as a going concern - request for transfer of a registration number

VAT427 [pdf]

Claims for Input Tax/Relief after cancellation of registration

VAT600 FRS [pdf]

Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme

VAT600 AA [pdf]

Application to join the Annual Accounting Scheme

VAT652 [pdf]

Voluntary disclosure of errors on VAT Returns

VAT1614 [pdf]

Option to tax land and buildings notification form