Employees Working Abroad
A look at the income tax and national insurance issues of your employees going to work abroad.

Enterprise Management Incentives
Explanation of a highly tax-efficient method for providing targeted incentives to key employees or employee groups regarding share options.

Minimising Tax on Company Cars

A selection of options for the most tax efficient use of company cars, fuel and vans - for all business structures.

Pay Staff Tax Free - Staff Suggestion Scheme

This is a great little scheme, which is actually a Revenue concession that is simple to apply and allows you to pay staff tax free!

PAYE Problems of Casual Workers

The dangers to look out for when using casual workers - or are they casual?

The Basics of PAYE

If you've just taken on your first employee or are thinking of doing so this helpsheet will give you an overview of the PAYE system.

Travel and Subsistence Expenses

A look at the rules for employees claiming travel and subsistence expenses which are not always as straight forward or as logical as you may think.